XILINX & JAI Celebrate 20 Years in Ireland

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To celebrate 20 years in Ireland, Kevin Cooney & his colleagues at XILINX invited representatives from each of their community partnerships to lunch recently! JAI is delighted to be among a select number of fantastic initiatives, such as Án Cosán, GOAL, IT Tallaght & The Barrettstown Gang; which are supported by XILINX. 


XILINX and JAI is celebrating five years in partnership this year and in that time 96 volunteers have worked with 1,503 local students. This is a significant investment of resources as it equates to over 1,000 staff hours in fulfilling requests from local schools for JA programmes & events. While there is great fun involved, partnering with XILINX on targeted projects like Make Maths Matter, allows us to report significant learning as well.

Students who worked with XILINX volunteers in 2014/15 reporting the following outcomes in the context of learning more about business, about the world of work, and the value of studying STEM:

  • Entrepreneurship Awareness: 98% of participants now understand the premise of being an entrepreneur
  • Human Resources: 74% of participants demonstrated understanding of the function of human resources
  • Immune System:87% of participants understand the purpose and function of the immune system
  • Stem Skills:88% of participants understand the importance of STEM skills in the workplace   

Thank you to Kevin, Helena, John & Pat and all our supporters at XILINX. Here’s to another successful year inspiring young minds!

Xilinx - Snapshot of A Year in Community Partenring

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