Business Volunteer Code of Conduct

Students and volunteers should enjoy a safe and positive learning environment when they participate in Junior Achievement Ireland (JAI) activities either in class or virtually. These rules apply to on-site and online volunteers as all those who volunteer to participate in JAI activities will be bound by this Code of Conduct.

Each business volunteer will:

  • Adhere to the ethos of JAI whereby students are treated with respect at all times.
  • Become familiar with, and adhere to the rules of the school to which they may be assigned, particularly policies in relation to child safeguarding, school visitors’ code of conduct etc. Some protocols such as sign in/ sign out will apply when visiting a school in person.
  • Undertake to uphold the position of trust in which each JAI volunteer is placed in respect of all students and their schools, the JAI organisation and the volunteer’s own organisation.
  • Avoid any situation where s/he is alone with any student. Teachers and other school staff are expected to remain in the classroom and/ or accompany students during JAI activities. (Separate JAI protocols apply, and additional training is provided, to volunteers working with senior cycle students as mentors.)
  • Remember that interactions with all students must be such that no reasonable person observing that interaction could construe its nature as abusive or harmful.
  • Not offer individual students a lift in a car (although groups may be transported where there is suitable insurance cover/ permission in place).
  • Check with the class teacher that consent is in place allowing for a class photograph or group shot of JAI activities. Where permission is in place, images or footage is only shared in accordance with the consent i.e. by JAI staff through official JAI channels.
  • Not capture photos or video of individual students.
  • Bear in mind that there are NO circumstances by which contact with an individual student is EVER permitted outside of JAI activities. Adults should not make contact with, or respond to contact from, a student using online/social network sites.
  • Undertake to maintain the confidentiality of information, such as teachers’ contact data, that may be made available in the course of volunteering for JAI.
  • Not attempt to bring financial advantage to her/himself or her/his business by selling or trying to sell her/his company’s products or services.
  • Ensure that logistical and other arrangements for any activities associated with their role for JAI, which are outside the normal activities of the school system, e.g. trade fairs, workplace visits, etc.; are agreed in advance with the school leadership/ link teacher to ensure compliance with all relevant school policies.
  • Inform JAI of any issue, or any change in her/his current circumstances, which makes it unsustainable to continue to participate as a JAI volunteer.

Adhering to this Code of Conduct contributes to the creation and maintenance of a safe working environment for students and volunteers. JAI welcomes queries in relation to any of our child safeguarding policies and practices.

These should be directed to Helen Raftery, JAI Designated Liaison Person.
Tel: (01) 293 0210.