Wexford Educate Together Become Town Planners in the Council Chamber!

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Sharon 1Volunteers Sharon Ryan and Jess Siggins with students from Wexford Educate Together during their recent Our City Workshop3rd and 4th class from Wexford Educate Together N.S. were recently invited to the council chambers to take part in a Junior Achievement workshop called Our City. The students were joined on the morning by Sharon Ryan and Jess Siggins, two Wexford County Council volunteers who explained to them how our towns and cities are zoned into different areas for planning e.g. residential and Industrial.

Over the course of the morning, the students reviewed pictures, including one of Wexford pier, and decided which zone each picture should be placed. They then built their very own towns using pop up buildings and met with two Wexford County Council planners to discuss if the locations of their buildings were in line with Wexford town planning guidelines.

Finally, having heard from the two town planners that Wexfords new park was currently in the design stage, the students came up with their ideas and advertisements for what they would like the park to look like. Ideas included a family park, tree house park and park of fun and laughter. Thank you to Wexford County Council for a fun and informative morning!

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