Limerick Students Celebrate Maths Week in Northern Trust

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WebNorthern Trust volunteer Rob Gleeson helps students to calculate how much they would pay for a taxi trip around Ireland

To celebrate National Maths Week Northern Trust Limerick invited local students from St. John’s Girls and Infants Boys School, Cathedral Place to their offices to take part in an exciting Count4Success maths workshop.

With the support of 11 volunteers from Northern Trust students learned how maths plays an important part in their careers. During the Count4Success workshop students practiced simple arithmetic, worked in teams to solve maths puzzles, practiced their ability to perform mental calculations and used their problem solving skills.

Teacher Anne Harrington said that the “the visit to Northern Trust today was fantastic.  It was extremely beneficial for the students to see a business environment first hand and particularly one that could highlight the importance of maths. The maths challenges were engaging and enjoyable and demonstrated to the students the many ways maths is used in everyday life. I would like to thank Northern Trust for a great day and in particular thanks to all the volunteers who worked so well with all the students.” Web 2What a team! A group of very enthuasiastic volunteers from Northern Trust

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