Roche Ireland -Volunteering to Help Students Transform Ambition into Achievement

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 Roche Volunteers with Certs Compressed

Roche Ireland volunteers were recognised recently for volunteering in local schools.

If you know what you want your tomorrow or your ten years from tomorrow to look like, what do you need to do TODAY to help transform ambition into achievement? Investing time with the young people of today, encouraging them to stay in school and to maximise their opportunities is a win-win for the individuals themselves and for our society.

The involvement of Roche staff in JA programmes serves to complement the great work of our schools and teachers. The programme content and the training provided to business volunteers are designed to complement the volunteer’s own commitment in encouraging the students to see links between their studies and the real world.

One local principal, Martin Moloney, Principal, Clarecastle NS. describes his appreciation by saying: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roche Ireland for participating in the Junior Achievement programme and for providing their staff to come to our school. The Junior Achievement programme is highly beneficial to the pupils in our school and its effectiveness is greatly enhanced by the professional manner in which the staff of Roche Ireland delivered the programme to our pupils.”

In helping students to see the relevance of what they do in school and its connection to the real world, our business volunteers can have a real impact. JA volunteers are regularly described by school leaders as role models helping students to see a positive future for themselves in the world of work.

By helping the students look at the variety of roles that are carried out at Roche Ireland in Clarecastle, staff ensure students hear first- hand about the value of education in buildling careers. They can then see what areas they are interested in and can learn about the qualification they will need to get in to their profession of choice. Whether that be in Production, Science, Engineering, IT, Accounting, Human Resources – there are volunteers from every area in Roche Ireland.

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