MathWorks Making an Impact in the West

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Mathworks Picture from Training Session 23.9.19 CompressedMarcel Muller, Karen Jacob, Sarah Mattsson, Elisa Schweiger O’Connor, Jarek Kierczuk, Amr Shalaby & Paul Huxel following their JA training session

JAI is delighted to welcome MathWorks as our new supporting organisation in the West of Ireland.

Since we kicked off our partnership activities, Galway-based MathWorkshas focused on STEM and Entrepreneurship programmes in Galway. To date 12 MathWorks volunteers have taken part in JA activities to more than 480 students in 9 schools around the city and county.

The feedback from MathWorks volunteers has been universally positive with volunteers commenting on the welcome they have received from teachers and students alike.

One volunteer, Elisa Schweiger O’Connor spoke to us about her experience: “I volunteered to teach a 5-week programme around Business and Entrepreneurship to 3rd and 4th class students. It was such a positive experience for all involved – the students excelled week to week and were so excited every time I visited, they were devastated when we finished the programme.”

Elisa commented that her participation “improved my confidence, teaching skills, and general people skills.”

“Every Wednesday I would have a smile on my face for the entire day, and likewise with the kids. They really learnt bundles in the short time I was with them and I would do anything to do it all over again. I urged all my co-workers to partake in it in the future, and fingers crossed they do. The work we do, truly does inspire young minds. At the end of the programme, the kids had grown so much, the teacher was amazed by their progress and everything they had absorbed, and I was almost heart-broken that my time there had come to an end.”

Through support from the exceptional MathWorks volunteers, students have engaged with role models from the working world and have been encouraged to think of their futures while acquiring and practicing entrepreneurial skills. Those students will have a better understanding of what the future has to offer, and be better prepared to maximise their potential.

On behalf of all the team at JAI, many thanks for your support and we look forward to building on our work with you to inspire the next generation.

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