Mastercard’s JA in a Day – Priceless

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Mastercard Volunteers

For the fifth year running a team of 25 volunteers from Mastercard generously took time out of their busy working day to volunteer at Sacred Heart Junior National School in Tallaght.

Undertaking a JA in a Day has become a regular fixture on the Mastercard CSR calendar. The ability to reach so many students in just one morning as well as the feel good factor for the volunteers are among  the many reasons Mastercard continues to collaborate with JAI and the school year on year.

Mastercard Volunters with JA BannerThis now annual event is very much appreciated by the school community in Tallaght too. They all pitch in to make the day run smoothly. There was a definite buzz around the grounds as the volunteers were brought to the 12 participating classes. The students were eagerly awaiting the volunteers and the promise of a fun filled morning. 

Gemma See, a first time volunteer, said she was delighted to get the opportunity to be involved with the JA in a Day as it’s seen as a wonderful way to give back. She had a few nerves but they disappeared soon after getting into the class room.  She is now looking forward to being more involved in future collaborations with JAI and hoping to visit her old school to do a Smart Futures Workshop.

The students were allowed to play their favourite song as the volunteers handed over the well-earned certificates at the end of the day. George Ezra was blaring down the corridors as the volunteers left the building to board the bus, job well done for another year!

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