HSBC More Than Money Celebrates 8 Years!

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HSBCHSBC volunteer Gareth Dunne with students from Central Model S.N.S., Dublin 1

‘More than Money’ is a programme that teaches young people about money basics – earning, spending, sharing and saving. Featuring five interactive volunteer-led sessions, ‘More than Money’ helps students learn the significance of money management and provides take-home materials that allow students to share their new knowledge with family and friends.

Over 250,000 students in more than 40 countries have learned about earning, spending, sharing and saving money thanks to the support of HSBC Holdings plc. To date, almost 4,300 HSBC employees have volunteered to lead JA ‘More than Money’ around the world!

HSBC Holdings plc has given a total of $7.3 million (USD) over five years to teach children about earning, spending, sharing and saving money through this fantastic initiative. For more information on this truly global partnership please read more at and

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