Galway students planning on Smart Futures

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Galway City Council has partnered with JAI to help students of all ages to understand the important role that education will play in shaping their futures. 

Galway Coco 2Over 300 students will take part in the partnership project this school year and learn from volunteers about the diverse range of careers available in the local authority and the role that Galway City Council plays in their community.

As part of the project, Merlin College students received the ‘Smart Futures’ programme and visited Galway City Council recently to learn about the development plans for Galway in the future from Colm O’Riordan and Arlene Finn, and were also welcomed by Councillor Mike Cubbard, Mayor of Galway in the Council Chamber.

Claire Stenson of Merlin College commented on the visit: “I can safely say it was a huge success and our students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It gave the students a great insight into how Galway City Council is run, their development plans for the future in the transport section, their urban traffic management system and also gaining a valuable insight into local politics. I’d like to thank the Galway City Council staff for their presentations to the students and organisation of the visit to the traffic management system room and also Mayor Michael Cubbard for his question and answer session in the Council Chamber. This was a great opportunity and an invaluable experience for all of our students!”

Galway Coco 3Ray Fogarty, JAI Area Manager in the West of Ireland, commented that “Galway City Council staff have really embraced the Junior Achievement project and given their time generously to work with local students. Through spending this time with them in the classroom, our students gain an understanding of the wide-ranging role that Galway City Council plays and also the many opportunities that will be available to them in the future, when they complete their education. They also learn about their role in their community and how they can have a positive impact in their locality. The feedback from the schools involved has been excellent and the demand for these programmes continues to grow as a result.”


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