Fidelity Investments reaches for the stars with Astro Pi

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Astro PiFidelity Investments opened its doors to 30 students from St. Ronan’s National School, Deansrath to give the young students some insight into the exciting world of STEM.

The European Astro Pi Challenge offers young people the amazing opportunity to conduct scientific investigations in space by writing computer programs that run on Raspberry Pi computers aboard the International Space Station. Astro Pi is an ESA Education project run in collaboration with the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The students were split into small teams and eight volunteers from Fidelity Investments worked with the students teaching them about the Astro Pi mission and how to write code. Embedded within the code the students wrote their team’s communication messages which would be transmitted and shared with the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Through this interactive workshop experience students learned about the world of STEM and how the magic of technology can bring people closer together.

Thank you to all volunteers who shared their time, expertise and enthusiasm with the students for this powerfully influential event.

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