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crop 3 CIMG9914Students from Presentation Secondary School, Athenry enjoying a visit to Cambus Medical

In 2015/16 school year,  12 Cambus Medical volunteers worked with over 130 students in Galway schools and helped them to gain science, enterprise and life skills, by bringing innovative and interactive learning opportunities into local schools, through its partnership with JAI. Cambus Medical volunteers taught programmes in schools in Spiddal, Furbo and Barna and by doing so, helped to show students the the link between education and the workplace.

Cambus Medical  also hosted  a ‘school to work day’ for students from Presentation Secondary School, Athenry, where a  Transition Year class came  in to their plant in Spiddal and received  a presentation on the processes that take place there and the opportunities available, followed by a tour of the facility.John Farragher giving tour

 The ‘school to work days’ have been a great success, as the students get to see the various roles that people carry out on site. Their imaginations are stimulated and they can see first-hand the opportunities available to them, if they stay on in school and complete their education. For some of them, maybe they will pursue a career in science or engineering and others may not, but what better way to find out than meeting employees carrying out these roles in Cambus Medical, at a time when they are about to decide what they would like to do in the future.

Jason Cotter of  Presentation Secondary School, Athenry  said, “The class had great day at Cambus Medical and were introduced to all areas of the business which allowed them to gain a great insight into how a business functions. I believe it is hugely beneficial for students to engage in field trips as part of their business education, so that they can relate the business theory we are teaching them in the classroom, to the practice which they observe on business trips, like today at Cambus Medical!”  

According to John Farragher of Cambus Medical, “Cambus Medical is this year celebrating 10 years serving the Medical technology sector and we have been partnering with Junior achievement Ireland for much of this time. Considering the shear pace of innovation in science and technology over the past 10 years, we are delighted our vounteers are continuing to work with local schools encouraging students to continue their path through Higher education and making them aware of the many exciting career opportunities that are available to them if they continue to invest in continung their education”.


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