Their Dreams, Your Reality with James Douglas


We spoke to Role Model and active volunteer James Douglas, who currently works at Deloitte

How has participating in JA impacted you?

I have been lucky enough to experience a JAI programme from a volunteer and student perspective. I really enjoyed visiting my old school as a volunteer as it felt that I could make a huge impact on the thoughts of students and showcase my career/role and make it come alive for them.

How do you think it impacted the students?

I think the programme impacted the students as it gave them an idea of a career that they may have not known existed. I also feel that the programme provided the students with the skills to begin their path of employment by tooling them with tips/techniques to go and get part-time work.

Why would you recommend companies to get involved with JA?

I would 100% recommend JAI to any company, getting involved and taking part leaves you feeling like you have made an impact on the lives of some of the students.

Was there anything that surprised you about the experience?

I think I was most surprised by how much I remembered of the JAI programme from when I was a student. There were times when I was in the classroom as a volunteer that I would get flashbacks of certain topics from when I was sitting in the class as a student.