Entrepreneurship Education – fostering the next generation of innovative thinkers 🎓


GEN E is a real-world entrepreneurship programme, supported by the Citi Foundation. By participating in GEN E, Transition Year students understand the importance of developing entrepreneurial skills for future roles, as well as the value of ‘intrapreneurship’ and social entrepreneurship in today’s economy and society.  

How can entrepreneurship help students in the future? 

  • Enhances creativity: Strengthening capacity for creative problem solving will be an advantage for students as adults. 
  • Develops problem-solving and identification capability 
  • Communication: Understanding the importance of collaborative communication and active listening is an essential skill not only as a successful entrepreneur but also as a friend, colleague and teammate. 
  • Boosts leadership qualities 
  • Prepares students for the future of work: The world is changing and jobs that once existed decades ago, are extinct. Entrepreneurship education prepares students for this uncertain world of work by viewing it as an opportunity for innovation and continuous learning.  

The GEN E programme was developed to complement and enhance the Transition Year enterprise curriculum, particularly the mini-company project. In this Citi Foundation-supported programme, students partake in Design Thinking, Project Management, Marketing, and Communication workshops with a business volunteer,

Students get involved in team working, negotiation, ideation, and critical decision-making allowing them to practice skills and acquire knowledge that will be essential to their future careers. 

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Virtual and in-person classroom delivery is available through our blended learning approach

A common goal of entrepreneurship education is to strengthen students with value orientation for a sustainable society. Here at Junior Achievement, it is one of our ambitions to thread sustainable education throughout our programmes – challenging students to look at the world around them. 

As with all Junior Achievement programmes, GEN E content has been developed by industry professionals including teachers, entrepreneurs, and principals. Modules are designed in conjunction with leading experts. The GEN E Project Management module has been approved by The Institute of Project Managers Ireland.  

If you are interested in getting involved in GEN E as a business volunteer or as a school, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can contact us at [email protected] 

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